Detail: oilpainting Flow

I am LACE Ruigrok, a visual artist, I am known for my intriguing approach to magical realism. I constantly seek a delicate balance between the dark and the vividly expressive aspects of life.

LACE Ruigrok


Detail: FLOW

The themes I choose are both contemporary and timeless, reflecting the universal human experiences of joy and sorrow. This not only gives my work visual appeal but also makes it emotionally resonant and rich in depth.

LACE Ruigrok
Detail: oilpainting Flow
Detail 3 Oilpainting Landscape#2

Detail Landscape

  • Oilpainting
  • Canvasboard
  • 2024

I love to blend magical realism with expressive styles and mixed media. Mostly in oil painting and often with mixed media, using various materials. But above all, expressive. To create rich, textured pieces that explore the boundaries between reality and imagination

LACE Ruigrok
Oilpainting Expressive


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